It takes a village?

I don’t think so.  A village can be offhand, judgmental and plain nosey.

I believe every child craves, hungers for and deserves a person (or a couple of people) to be passionately interested in them…  just as they are.  How they are doing.  How they are traveling through life and what’s going on in their world.  To always be on their team.

This takes commitment, passion and time.  Plenty of time.  Patience is mandatory and resourcefulness obligatory.

No child will become the best version of themselves if the adults around them forget to be adults and wrap themselves in their own problems to the exclusion of their child.  But we all live in a damaged world, and to some extent we are all broken. And parenting takes effort, especially when we ourselves are hurting.  I believe there is hope.

I believe we can be stimulated to find a great way through this adventure of parenting.  And while we all make mistakes, yes, all of us, there is always tomorrow and we can start again.

Children are very forgiving.  Thank God.


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