It just feels so good doesn’t it? And the kids come back for more and more…especially with Dads and today I am addressing Dads (Uncles, Big Brothers, Grandads) – they simply can do this better than we Mums.

There’s no doubt children love it and I suggest that they need it.

To think a little more deeply, a little more deliberately, this is why.
It grows Security –
Dad tossing me about. Dad swinging me. Dad rolling me over. I have value. Dad will catch me. Dad is stronger than me and he will not let me go. I am connected.

It’s about Touch –
As a little person I learn with my whole body. Dad is tickling me and I feel it in my legs and my tummy. I get dizzy. I get toppled. I get scratched by his whiskers. I stretch and feel my muscles. I can make a tight fist. I can push in a maul and feel my legs and toes. I am four and I am an All Black. I can feel everything and I am safe. Dad thinks I have value. I am connected.

It teaches about Risk –
Dad is obviously bigger than me. I can climb higher and squash up harder than I have tried before, because Dad can take it. He will let me try things that I couldn’t do alone. I can use his body as a platform to get higher or faster than I can do on my own. I can try new voices to mimic his deep voice. And he lets me. This is a safe place. He enjoys me. I have value. I am connected.
It awakens Spatial Awareness –
Dad will probably move furniture for us if we need room. He thinks of us. I have value. I can fit in this small space between his folded arms and chest, if I wiggle. I can lean hard into his back and still fit between the couch and Dad. I might get a bit squashed but I will learn. My legs are half the length of his. He lets me stand on his feet and we take huge strides. My hand is half as wide as his. He’s awesome. And he likes me. I must be awesome too.
It identifies Social Responsibility –
Dad is much bigger and stronger than me. He could hurt me (kids inherently know this) but he doesn’t. He lets me feel his power, but he still cares about me. He helps me deal with my sore finger, he teaches me that it will get better and I can still rumble. Not to make a fuss. To be real. He also knows when this ends and we return to other stuff. He knows how to include all of us kids. He knows. We have value. We are connected.
So, go to it! Enjoy your children in this very physical way! You are awesome.


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