We’re New Zealanders – we farm…


I live in New Zealand.  I took this photo out of the car window one day as my husband and I were driving along.  To me it represents a lot about New Zealand.

In New Zealand we farm.  We farm animals and crops and call it farming, or dairying, or cropping.  We farm trees and call it forestry.  We farm our scenery and call it tourism, even the dangerous parts – we call that adventure tourism! We farm our southern lakes and northern rivers and call it hydro-electrity generation. We farm wind in windy Wellington for electrical generation. And we even farm our homes and properties and call ourselves host families and landlords. The farming ethos is in us.

As New Zealanders, I believe that sow and reap mentality is inherent. I mean most of us are not miners – we don’t take from the land without planting first, although there are coal and gold mines in our beautiful country.  No, to us, it feels right to put in effort and enjoy the return…

For most of us with families of little people in the home, I wonder do we think intentionally about sowing and reaping?  Have we thought through WHAT we are sowing now, WILL reap a harvest at some point.

This week I’m asking you, and myself, to look at my actions and decide what it is that I am sowing.  Are my words kind and clear to reap kindness and clarity or am I sowing confusion?  Am I consistent?  Am I interested?  Am I putting good things in front of my kids that will bless them and future generations by teaching them how to think and evaluate?  Or am I content with just ‘feeding’ them any old thing that will keep them quiet? Am I nurturing their souls AND their hearts?  Is the food I’m giving them helping their bodies develop in strength and flexibility? Am I setting up good nutrition that will carry these littlies into old age?  So many questions.

Every good farmer wants the best for their farm.  They think about nurturing the land and protection from the weather and storms of life.  Are we doing that for our families?  I am definitely NOT comparing your family to stock units, and suggesting you shear your flock! However, the thinking of sowing and reaping, of nurturing and taking into account the variables, and of planning for the future while swinging with highs and lows – these are valuable thoughts.  Seasons will come and go and suddenly your little ones will be big and you will be able to sit and enjoy a harvest of precious memories.


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