Washing… and Prayer

Everyday there is more washing than you imagine.  True.  And the baby uses more clothes and cloths than you ever thought was possible.  When my babies were very little this chore was a little overwhelming, although I have always enjoyed caring for my family in this very practical way.  I knew I had to find … More Washing… and Prayer


The art of celebrating.  Worth thinking about.  Why do we celebrate some milestones and not others?  What is significant about noting special occasions?  If we can intentionally work out why we celebrate events, we will intentionally build little rituals and rites into our family life that all add up to security for our children.  My … More Celebration

The Interruption…

There it is… the moment of intense concentration, the intimate conversation just got to the real part and … “Mu..umm” . Not quite a whinge but definitely the call for your attention that breaks into the middle of what you are doing. What to do when your kids need you, when you have your head … More The Interruption…


Catch your kids being good! Trust me, everyone knows when they are being bratty. Everyone. Try to draw attention to the times when they are being good. Reinforce it with good comments. “I saw when you tried to share your toy.” “I noticed that time you gave Alex a hug.” “I’m pleased your remembered to … More Catch


It just feels so good doesn’t it? And the kids come back for more and more…especially with Dads and today I am addressing Dads (Uncles, Big Brothers, Grandads) – they simply can do this better than we Mums. There’s no doubt children love it and I suggest that they need it. To think a little … More ROUGH AND TUMBLE